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Third Party Risk Security Analyst

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Marietta, GA, USA

Job Type

Full Time/Contract/Remote

About the Role

Wellstar is looking for a resource to manager their Third Party Risk program. The mgr of this team has built this program but this resource will run it. This work will include processing vendors and understanding the risk and categorizing that risk and helping come up with risk ratting. They do 3 or 4 weeks, 2 to three page. Will have a platform for this soon. This role will involve a great deal of contract reading and following up to make sure the vendor is getting stuff done. They will also help the Director of GRC with the risk registry which is all of the items that pose a risk to WellStar and they will work with Director and team to come up mitigation strategies for each. They will have help with this but they will own the documentation around it.

Additional Skills & Qualifications

Ideally, they are local to Atlanta but driving distance would be great to they can meet and collaborate in person to build culture

Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Working for the largest health system in GA and this person will be a key member of the GRC team and will have access to the CISO

To apply for this position contact:

Lawrence Wheeler | Technical Recruiter, Risk & Security Services
T 336-851-6896 | M 336-894-5252 |
7029 Albert Pick Rd, Suite #100, Greensboro, NC 27409


  • Top Skills' Details

  • Must have 1 year or more in a technical IT role such as IT Support, Sys Admin, Software Engineer, etc so they understand concepts such as OS, Networks, SDLC for third party risk work they will do

  • 2). Must be comfortable reading contracts. They will do a great deal of this in a 3rd Party Risk role. They do not need to be a super deep in third party risk but they need to be exceptionally detailed with a high affinity for reading a contract.

  • 3) Must have a passion IT Risk type work such as Third Party Risk

About the Company

Wellstar consideres themselves a family. They work together, solve problems together, and get along well. This is a team size of 7 engineers and 1 manager, so culture and non-tech skills are critical.
Self-motivated achiever who thrives in a fast-paced and chaotic environment.

Business Drivers/Customer Impact

Often times companies get hacked because they overlooked poor security standards by their vendor partners. For this reason, Wellstar is seeking someone to manager their 3rd party risk program so this does not happen to them.

Why is the position open(provide details)

see above

External Communities Job Description

We are seeking a GRC specialist for large hospital. This person will own third party risk for a large healthcare organization

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