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Incorporating People Networking into your Job Search

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Infosec Twitter is a community of industry people and professionals that share resources and opportunities daily. Learning how to navigate through the noise to secure the resources that you need to take you to the next level can be overwhelming and frustrating for a newcomer. Utilizing the resources that can be found on the site can be the difference between a smooth transition into this industry and a way to level up your knowledge and skills to better prepare you for you new career. It will only work if you put the work into it!

Leveling up

One of the best ways to level up is to narrow down what career path that you would like to pursue in the technology industry and seek out mentorship opportunities with people in that industry. Tanya Janca posts a Cyber Mentoring Monday Twitter thread that connects people searching for mentors with others that are willing to mentor every week. Udemy has weekly sales on their courses that are affordable to home in on your craft and gain more knowledge while following along with your own instances. I use this method with the ServiceNow GRC course and the price varies, while practicing in a real developer’s instance instead of a lab for free with ServiceNow.

One of the last resources I will mention is John Breth’s CyberInSight YouTube show that does walkthroughs on many of the networking fundamentals, Linux fundamentals, and Tryhackme rooms (some that I have co-hosted with him on) that can count as hands-on labs for you. Look out for follow Friday’s (#FF) as well to start following the right people that can assist in getting you to the next level because most of us are willing to help.

The Job Search

Job search sites like LinkedIn, DFIR Diva, and can propel the job search to a new level. I used Indeed to find positions and then looked up the job posts on the company’s website. LinkedIn is a great resource to find employment and pay attention to posts that lists a recruiter that you can reach out to so you can connect and let them know you are here and are serious about the position.

I also like to connect with people that I know that work for that company that I am applying to so that I can get a better perspective on the company culture and maybe an employee referral. The DFIR Diva site and Twitter Page posts resources, job positions almost daily, and has a job board that is geared towards entry level and career changing positions.

My Experience

I found the Infosec Twitter space after listening to a podcast called “Darknet Diaries” and learning about TinkerSec which turned out to be one of the veterans in the industry. This led to me finding an entire community, mentors, and friends that have been an awesome support system through this journey. My Security+ exam was funded by someone on Twitter, my internship was found via Twitter, and now my new GRC job was also found by connecting with someone on Twitter.

I can not stress enough how people networking has taken me from a student studying Infosec to an Infosec professional in three years. I decided that this year I would not be afraid to get out of my comfort zone with speaking engagements, learning, and resources and I am one of the success stories like many that have utilized the many tools in this community to break into Infosec.


Stepping outside of your comfort zone is a game changer. Do not be so introverted that you miss out on key opportunities!

Khalilah Scott

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